THE veritable institution in Athens, GA.

Your neighborhood bottle shop.

Five Points Bottle Shop, co-owned by brothers Bush and Sachin Patel, has been a landmark in the Five Points neighborhood for a quarter century now and promises to be for another, at least. The bright blue and red painted brick exterior gives the appearance of a vintage convenience store, but proves deceiving. Only the hand-painted signage along the outside of the building offers a clue to the treasures and personalized service within.

Walk in and find yourself immersed in a maze of tall wooden shelving stocked to the ceiling with every kind of wine, liquor or beer that you can imagine; it’s a tight fit, but it’s worth it. Our Westside location is our ‘warehouse’ store with wide isles and high ceilings. Folks drive from all around—Atlanta, South Georgia or as far away as Tennessee and the Carolinas—to browse our shelves and immerse themselves in the staggering selection of favorites and rarities.

What’s your poison?

You want it? Odds are we’ve got it. Five Points Bottle Shop carries every beer, wine or liquor you could possibly want, including rare finds and local favorites. But if by chance we don’t have what your little heart desires, we can most surely order it. Our staff stays ahead of the curve, so we know what you want before you do. From hard-to-find to tried-and-true, we work to ensure every bottle we sell is primed to be savored and enjoyed.

Exceptional staff.

Ask our staff about a particular selection and you might get the most fantastical inside story on the distillery, winery or brewery. Walk in to Five Points Bottle Shop and walk away with something delightful. It’s our friendly service and incredible knowledge that distinguishes Five Points Bottle Shop from other package stores.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We are more than happy to find it for you. Either it’s tucked away somewhere on the shelf—but we know where it is—or we can order it for you to purchase on your next visit. We are always tasting what’s new so that we can get you the latest and greatest available in Georgia.