What's goin' on?

Speakeasy Wine Dinner

Join us on Wednesday July 14th at 7:00pm for 6 wines paired with 6 amazing courses! We can’t stress to you enough what a value this tasting is! The kitchen staff at Speakeasy always goes above and beyond when creating the gourmet tapas to accompany the wine.

Tickets are on $45 per person including gratuity!

Call SPEAKEASY for a reservation 706.546.5556

the wines:
Banfi Principessa Gavi Perlante
Bonny Doon Albarino
Domaine Schlumberger Riesling “Les Princes Abbes”
Banfi L’Ardi Dolcetto d’Aqui
Murphy Goode Merlot
Antano Crianza

Wednesday, July 14, 2010
7:00pm – 9:30pm
Speakeasy Restaurant, East Broad Street

Spanish Wines and Tapas @ Casa Mia

Wednesday May 19th join us at Casa Mia from 6-8 to taste some delicious Spanish Wines and tapas.

For those of you who didn’t make it out last time, you really missed out! Casa Mia put out some great food and the wine was fabulous! Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy a similar experience.

The cost is $20 per person Cal…l Casa Mia to make a reservation 706.227.4444

The Wines:

Gran Gesta Cava

Martin Codax Tempranillo

Merum Monastrell

Lealtanza Capitoso Tempranillo

Zarate Albarino

Las Rocas Garnacha

15 Wines for 15 Dollars

Join us this Thursday from 6-8pm at the Winery to taste 15 wines for only $15!

Hors d’oeuvres will be provided by the European Deli.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about wine through tasting (the best way)!

Call Five Points West for reservations 706.316.2337

Winery Athens: located at 429 E Broad St
Visit European Deli: located at 3579 Atlanta Hwy

Sulfites, Organic Wines, and YOU!

We are often asked about organic and “no sulfite wines” so we thought we’d clear the air and de-mystify a few rumors that seem to be floating around out there. First off, there is just no such thing as a “no sulfite” wine. Sulfites are a natural by-product of the wine-making process and will only exist in small amounts known as parts per million. There are wines that have “added” sulfites which help to keep the wines from oxidizing and going bad. The legal limit for sulfite content in these wines is around 350 parts per million. The average wine is around 150 ppm and in wines with sterilized tanks, well handled and unbruised fruit, the sulfite content is even less! As for sulfites causing migraines and headaches, allergists say that this is not the case. In fact the real cause for headaches may be the person’s ability to process the wine itself or the various other biological components thereof. For example, a person may have difficulty processing wines with high levels of tannin, such as Cabernet. Even though it may be uncomfortable to “experiment” when a migraine or terrible hangover is on the line we recommend that you branch out a little. Our suggestion: try a lighter style of wine with less tannic structure, like an Oregon Pinot Noir. The Jezebel for $14.99 is one of our favorites. Also you may be able to get online and research wineries that do not add sulfites to their wines. We are always willing to special order any wine for you that we can get our hands on.

Organic wine is a whole other ball of wax! In reality there are plenty of “organic” wines out there! Why have you been having such a tough time finding them? Well, most wineries find it hard to justify spending the money and going through the lengthy process to become “certified organic.” Many wineries have been producing their wines according to organic or bio-dynamic standards for centuries. In addition wine makers are concerned from a marketing stand point that there wines will get placed on a rarely shopped “organic” shelf in the store. How do you determine which wines are organic and which aren’t? Well, that’s the hard part. Again, online research will provide you with some of this information, but we are currently compiling a list of such wineries that will be readily available to our customers. As you can imagine this is a slow going process with quite a few middlemen involved. For the time being we suggest looking to old world wines from France, Italy, and Spain, and wines from the Northwestern United States. The wines from these areas tend to produce quite a few unlabeled organic wines, meaning you are more likely to guess correctly when you pick up one of these! Look for the organic list of wines to be posted to this blog in the next few weeks. Until then we are always willing to point you toward a few of our favorites! Just stop by either location and ask for the wine expert on hand. Cheers!