Case Discounts

Yeah, that’s right. At Five Points Bottle Shop, we want to save you money. That’s why we offer valuable discounts anytime you purchase a case of wine or liquor.

Mix and Match Cases

You can either choose a case of all the same, or you can mix it up. When you purchase a full case of wine or liquor you will receive a 10% discount when you pay by cash or check. If paying with plastic, it’s 7%*.

So that’s…Bottle of Wine, Bottle of Liquor

Cash or Check

12 bottles of 750ml or 1L = 10% discount
6 bottles of 1.5L = 10% discount

Debit or Credit

12 bottles of 750ml or 1L = 7% discount
6 bottles of 1.5L = 7% discount

Oversize 1.75L Liquor

A 6-bottle case of 1.75L bottles (liquor) will get you a discount too.

Cash or Check

6 bottles of 1.75L = 5% discount

Debit or Credit

6 bottles of 1.75L = 3% discount


This discount offer does not include cases of beer, of course, but you knew that.

*Note: It is true that we have offered our 10% discount when using a debit card. However, due to rising charges in debit fees, we have been forced to change our discount policy. This policy is in effect as of March 19th, 2012.