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Seasoning your humidor

Before placing any cigars in your humidor, the wood and cigars must be in moisture-equilibrium. Otherwise, they will steal moisture from each other, causing your cigars to lose some of their natural oils and sugars in the process.

Seasoning is the process of raising the moisture level in your humidor’s wood equal to the humidity level you’ll be storing your cigars. Optimum humidity for a cigar is between 60% and 75%.

To season a humidor properly, the process must be gradual so the moisture in the wood is evenly distributed throughout and also so that the wood doesn’t acquire mold, a musty smell or warp.

There are two ways to season your humidor, the traditional way and with seasoning packets.

Boveda Seasoning Packet

Seasoning Packets are simply packets that can be dropped into your desktop humidor. Once the packets are in place, you are done.

boveda humidor seasoning packsThe only commercially available packets, Bóveda Seasoning Packets, have been specifically designed to raise the moisture level in the wood of your humidor to the humidity level in which you’ll be storing your cigars.

Bóveda packets are ready to use when you receive them. All you need to do is take each Bóveda packet out of the clear over-wrap and simply place them inside your desktop humidor.

That’s right. There’s absolutely no work or effort required on your part. By using Bóveda, you don’t have to adjust any valves or try to figure out if you’ve put in too much or too little water. And, you’ll never have to fill or refill your device with water again—ever.

When they become dry and hard, then it’s time to replace the packet.


Traditional seasoning methods involve spraying, sponging or wiping the box down with water.

1 Dampen the insides of the humidor with a clean, moist cloth. You’re not looking to soak the insides, just dampen them.

2 Place a shallow tray of distilled water inside the humidor, place the hygrometer next to it and shut the lid.

3 Wait 24 hours and check the hygrometer. If it’s not at 70% humidity, you may need to wait another day. Be sure there is still water in the tray.

4Once the humidifier reaches 70% humidity, you can charge your humidifier by placing it upside down in a tray of distilled water for a few minutes. You are not looking to soak it, just dampen it, so don’t submerge it and drown it. Now you can place the humidifier into your humidor along with your cigars. It’s now ready for storage.

Be sure NOT to use regular tap water to humidify your humidor! It will wreak havoc on your trying to maintain proper humidity levels.