Frequently Asked Questions about Kegs:

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If I have my own keg, do I have to pay the keg deposit?

If I have my own tap, do I have to pay the tap deposit?

Do you charge a keg registration fee?

Do you fill kegs?

I have a kegerator and will not finish a keg within the three-day deposit period. Do I have to forfeit my deposit?

Do you charge my credit card when I put down a deposit on a keg?

I bought a keg from another source. Can I rent a tap (or some other piece of equipment) from you?

How much advance notice is needed to order a keg?

How long will a keg of beer last?

How much does a keg of beer weigh?

How many glasses of beer does a keg hold?

How many kegs will I need?

Can I return an untapped keg for refund?

Can I buy a keg and then sell the beer?