Where everybody knows your name (and the name of a great sipping whiskey).

We’re your corner liquor store, but oh, so very much, more.

Ask why Five Points Bottle Shop is widely considered Athens’ best package store and you’ll hear variations of the sentiment that we’re there for our customers.

Staffed with knowledgeable people who know you by name and are willing to share their passion for spirits as well as their latest global jaunt to procure an exclusive cask, we provide a relaxed atmosphere where you’ll feel at ease while you shop. Because we take seriously our reputation as an unpretentious place with a neighborhood feel, our staff is even known to send you on your way with lollipops for the kids and a bone for the dog.

Cult-worthy with an impressive selection

Whether you’re stopping by to pick up your old standby or in the market for some obscure artisanal booze, we’re your place! From competitive prices on the everyday to a selection that includes many hard-to-finds, Five Points Bottle Shop carries virtually every known liquor you could want as well as a nice selection from small-batch distilleries and an amazing collection of liqueurs, vermouths, appertifs, bourbons, single malts, ryes and more.

Want something extra special? Five Points Bottle Shop offers exclusive labels of scotch, rum, bourbon and tequila.  Each one is hand-selected by the Five Points staff and bottled only for Five Points Bottle Shop.

Looking to expand your horizons?

Five Points Bottle Shop partners with Aroma’s and other area eateries to offer liquor tastings.  These tastings generally feature a casual, sit-down atmosphere where guests can sample, compare and enjoy.  Let our staff and other experts guide you through some of the many special offerings we provide here at Five Points Bottle Shop.  Come learn about how regional differences, the effects of aging and other particulars impact the spirits you enjoy.  You never know—you might just leave with a new favorite.