Not just a Wine Shop; a wine experience

Five Points Bottle Shop is not your typical wine shop.

As a matter-of-fact, you could consider us quite the opposite—we’re the antithesis of a stuffy wine shop. There’s soul here. As Athens is known for music and the talented, eclectic musicians who give character to the scene, so Five Points Bottle Shop is known for wine and the friendly souls who share their passion for wine with all who walk through our doors.

Attentive and partly clairvoyant, our staff are adept at suggesting the perfect wine for any person or any occasion — offbeat, whimsical, classic or elegant — we love answering questions, getting to know you and ultimately picking the right wine for you.

Relax as you browse.

Novice wine lovers are often intimidated by the enormous variety of wine labels and wide range of prices. But you don’t always have to spend a fortune to find a fabulous wine. We taste every selection. Combining experience with savvy, we select bottles that are out-of-this world delicious and still affordable for every pocketbook.

Experienced wine lovers will enjoy conversing with our insightful wine staff. Innovative and enthusiastic, with years and years of experience, they are tireless educators and forever students eager to share thoughts and impressions.

hand written shelf note

We’re here for you.

Look for notes on our shelves written personally by our wine staff. Attend wine tasting events with a regional focus or seasonal theme. Enjoy discounts on special hand-picked selections. If you are having a party, no matter the size or the budget, let our wine staff help you make your choice. No matter the situation, Five Points Bottle Shop is here to make wine an enjoyable and inspiring experience just for you.