A wine club for everyone from the beginner to the weekend sommelier

Five Points Bottle Shop’s Wine Club

Our signature wine club is especially for our customers who are interested in discovering a unique variety of wines.

Each month our wine professionals hand-pick wines that are specifically chosen to offer you the highest quality and the best value. Selections typically include four reds and two whites for the SIX BOTTLE CLUB, and two reds and one white for the THREE BOTTLE CLUB.

Wines will be charged to your credit card and available for pickup on the first week of each month at either the Five Points (Lumpkin St) or the Westside location, whichever is most convenient to you.


  • VALUE! Cost is $75 for Six Bottles or $40 for Three Bottle Membership monthly, including sales tax.
  • SIX BOTTLE CLUB members qualify for ADDITIONAL SAVINGS! Receive 15% case discounts on wine purchases outside of the club.*
  • WINE EVENTS DISCOUNTS! Receive discounts on Five Points Bottle Shop sponsored tastings and events**.
  • INSIDERS FIRST PICK. Get first shot at limited production or limited allocated wines that will never make it to the shelf!
  • GREAT AS A GIFT! You can give a GIFT membership into the SIX BOTTLE CLUB, starting at a three month membership for $225.00.***

Satisfaction Guaranteed. Membership may be canceled anytime AFTER the first three months.

Compare Membership Plans

Six Bottle


6 Wines Monthly

Event Discounts

Exclusive Wines
First Pick on Limited Releases

Case Discounts Up to 15%

Three Bottle


3 Wines Monthly

Event Discounts

Exclusive Wines
First Pick on Limited Releases



*Normally 10%, when paying by cash or check; excludes sale items and items on privilege card.
**Only Special offers sent to Wine Club Members via e-Mail
***All benefits of the membership apply to the gift recipient only!