Hand-selected exclusives

We select the barrel that meets our preferred profile, the distillery then bottles that barrel specifically for us—which we then offer exclusively to you.

We travel far and wide to taste and select our own exclusive private labels.

At Five Points Bottle Shop, we offer a wide selection of spirits, from single barrel selections exclusive to our stores all the way to craft brands such as Far North Spirits from Minnesota.

Our single barrel selections vary greatly to please an assortment of palates and include Woodford Reserve Double Oak (a toasty melange of vanilla and oak, reminiscent of buttery baked goods), our Knob Creek #10 barrel (herbaceous and minty on the nose, opening up to notes of honey and toasted oats), and our Maker’s Mark Bite edition (mocha upfront on the nose, filled with port-esque dark fruit and cinnamon spice notes, and finished with strong toasted French oak flavor).

If you want to branch out and try some of our craft spirit options, Far North’s Roknar Rye is an approachable, medium-bodied rye whiskey with a pleasant mix of baking spices, nut, and dried fruit notes.

Heaven Hill 9 year

Heaven Hill 9 year

Sweet vanilla cream, cotton candy, custard and the banana with coconut fruitiness. This is just so drinkable, very smooth almost lemonade. Distilled in the USA but aged in Scotland. All proceeds from this heavenly bottle go to support Extra Special People.
Maker's Mark Bite edition

Maker's Mark Bite Edition

We recently traveled to Kentucky to the Maker’s Mark facilities and selected two single barrels. We named one Bark and one Bite. The specific “Bite” barrel opens with mocha and cuvee on the nose, followed by the hint of dark fruit and cinnamon spice and finished with toasted French oak and unsweet cocoa.

Woodford Reserve Double Oak

We have hand-selected our favorite barrels from the beautiful Woodford Reserve facilities in Kentucky.This straight bourbon whiskey is a lovely marriage of vanilla and oak, with traces of toffee and a finish reminiscent of a buttery, baked good.

Knob Creek #10

We have a wide variety of Knob Creek single barrels, but one of our newest additions to the Five Points Bottle Shop exclusive family is the #10 barrel, which is herbaceous and minty on the nose yet opens up to a delicious mix of lingering honey and toasted oats.
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