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This exceptional Armagnac is not readily available in the US. Take advantage of your chance to purchase the world’s oldest brandy without having to leave the States.

A Once In a Lifetime Taste of History

Choose from over 40 select vintages of the oldest brandy in the world poured straight from the barrel and bottled just for your or that special occasion or loved one in your life.

​ Choose Your Vintage

We have a wide range of vintages from 1893 to 1990.


While traditional VSOP Armagnac is required to be at least 5 years old, Castarede VSOP is a blend of Armagnacs that have been matured for at least 10 years.

Light, mellow notes of walnut, spice, cocoa and fruit on the nose carry through to the palate and linger through the warming finish.

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Reserve de la Famille Aged 20 Years boasts full, harmonious aromas of ripe fruit, leather and spice with hints of toasty oak.

The palate is smooth and slightly sweet with complex layers of toffee, nutmeg, vanilla and honey that follow through to the creamy, long lasting finish.

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The Castarède vintages won medals for more than 20 years in large international professional competitions.

Farmed according to tradition in hundred-year-old wine warehouses, the Castarède vintages go back to 1893 !

A great selection sold at UNBEATABLE prices.

Starting at $129.99

​ What’s Your Year

The perfect gift for the perfect time.

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Christmas is coming

Deep flavored Castarède WWII era vintages are the perfect choice to celebrate a loved one from our “Greatest Generation”.

25th Anniversary

Toast one another with this rare gem from the cellars of Famille Castarède.

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A Taste of Time

To take a sip of a Castarède Armagnac is to sip Armagnac’s history.

Choose your vintage and your bottle will be filled straight from the oak barrel in which it has been aging for decades.

Think of it, grapes grown in the 1920’s are harvested and aged in oak barrels cut from trees in the surrounding forest and left untouched until now – literately – when your order is placed.

No other distillery can match the utter genuineness of Vintage Castarède Armagnac.

(Vintages since the early 60’s were transferred from oak barrels to large glass bottles called “Dame Jeanne” for storage.)

Straight from the Barrel

Reserve Your Sip of History

Founded in 1832

Now in its sixth generation, the Castarède family, under the auspices of Florence (above with Jean Castarède), runs the firm and maintains “eco-museum” cellars, dedicated to preserving their original 19th century spirit.

Already-bottled Castarède Armagnac can be found in France and other European locations, but has extremely limited availability in the USA.


Armagnac is traditionally distilled once at 52% of alcohol, which results initially in a more fragrant and flavorful spirit than Cognac.

Long aging in oak barrels softens the taste and causes the development of more complex flavors and a brown color.

Part des anges

Aging in the barrel removes a part of the alcohol and water by evaporation (known as part des anges—”angels’ share”) and allows more complex aromatic compounds to appear by oxidation, which further modifies the flavor.

It’s unanimous

Using more grape varieties, lesser proof at distillation and different wood for aging than its sister spirit, cognac, Armagnac is THE undiscovered gem of brandy.

​ ​
“It enlivens the spirit, partaken in moderation, recalls the past to memory, renders men joyous, preserves youth and retards senility. And when retained in the mouth, it loosens the tongue and emboldens the wit, if someone timid from time to time himself permits.”

~According to Prior Vital Du Four, a Cardinal, in the 14th century.

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